Gas training - end goal, LPG Marine and mobile homes

Theory Training


These are the main reference guides for Gas Safe engineers. 

Math, Maths and mor Maths


Pipe sizing, ventilation, gas rate, heat input, pipe volume. Gas engineers have a large maths component to their role.

All theory training complete and exams passed at end of May

Gas Practical training


Gas practical training in Cardiff, putting all that theory to good use.

Gas Safety tests


Testing for let by, standing pressure, tightness and working pressure.

Boiler servicing


You cannot just get to LPG, you have to complete the full Gas Safe training first. Boiler instalation, servicing and repair is an integral part of that.

Meters and caping off


There is a lot of legislation around supply meters and the circumstances where yo would need to remove the gas supply to the premises by caping off the gas supply at the meter.