Terms and conditions explained

Area covered

Areas covered,

Travel is one of our biggest costs, both in time and money, one we cannot sustain for free unfortunately. Thus, there is a reasonable charge to cover some of the cost. Inside the green circle is free, out to the blue circle is a £15 charge, out to the red circle is a £25 charge. Per visit, does not include consultation visits for larger projects.

Parts and materials.

Electrical parts are not cheap, not the good ones anyway. When embarking on a project, the initial parts bill is to be paid in advance. Parts used as we progress are added to labour invoices as we go. On most jobs you will see an electrical accessories charge, this is a small amount for consumables, such as fixings, insulation, ties, flexible conduit, crimps etc.


Invoices are emailed to customers.  Parts - ordering will not occur until paid in advance. Labour - paid within 7 days, further work will not be actioned unless last labour invoice is cleared.

Health and safety

As an electrical engineer, we have a duty of care to you, the customer. If there is an immediate dangerous issue, we must tackle that first. While all new work is to British Marine Standards, we have a pragmatic approach to existing installations. We will advise where appropriate.

Our promise

To provide you with a friendly, fair and professional service. Only due to extenuating circumstances will we fail to meet any agreed appointment. We pride ourselves by being punctual, operating with honesty and integrity, and working together with our customer to achieve the desired outcomes.